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Good morning ladies and gents! Just a VERY short update to give you guys! I've now officially released another awesome feature to the website; Photo Gallery. This gallery will contain images created by me and awesome screenshots also. There will be a lot of different photos by me in different categories. So if it looks a bit empty now - don't worry there is more to come in the weeks ahead so as empty as it is now, it will be filled with awesome photos in the nearest weeks.


Have an awesome day guys and i hope to meet ya'll for the awesome weekend ahead planned with tons of stream and not just short ones - LONG ones i'm so happy to finally be back soon and i'm looking forward to hang more with you guys. Be sure to leave suggestions in the comment section below if there are images and photos you want to see added to the gallery. Remember: These photos are allowed to be downloaded to your computer, the wallpapers are awesome to use so go right ahead. Take care all, that's it for now!

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Great news to share with the community tonight! I've officially opened a Community Forum on the website today that will allow my viewers, fans and any others to take part in a community with a lot of different ways to communicate and discuss different subjects regarding different things and also general things. Also i have enabled a user's registration feature which allows everyone and anyone to register to the website, make an account which also will be required in order to communicate and write in the forum itself.


I hope everyone takes great happiness in this website's newly added feature and for any questions do not be afraid to email me, also the user feature allows you to private message me through the website. If you see my name anywhere just click it, and my profile will appear in a pop up box, and than you'll be able to send me a private message. I will receive an email notification about this and will be able to respond as quick as i receive such an email.


Hope you guys like it and gave you all a great boost and start for the weekend, take care!

Category: Website Updates | Views: 136 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 27 August 2016 | Comments (0)

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