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Below is this week's schedule for streaming shown, the same schedule can be found over at http://www.norway-legend.com/index/stream_schedule/0-11 Changes may happen with this schedule as important things may come up but if it comes to that, this will be notified about on twitter and facebook.


 Day  Time (Timezone: CET)  Stream Duration  Game
 Monday  18:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  Minecraft
 Tuesday  16:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  Destiny
 Thursday  18:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  Rainbow Six: Siege (Mafia III if R6 has server issues)
 Friday  16:00 CET  4-5 Hours (Duration may change)  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
 Sunday  17:00 CET  6 Hours (Duration may change)  Viewers Decide (Twitter Poll)


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Due to too small activity on the community forum (actually none) I've decided to temporarily close it down and i may re-open it in the future if the interest for it is big enough. Everything within the forum will stay there but it will no longer be accessible on the website. Also the user registration feature will be removed as this comes together with the community forum itself.


As mentioned above, the Community forum has a good and big chance of returning in the future, but for now this will not stay on the website. Nothing else other than this will change and everything else will run as normal.


Thank you all for your understanding and i still hope you all are enjoying the other parts of the website.

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Many people by now might be thinking the thought that my YouTube channel is completely dead, since it's not a platform i'm extremely active from at this point. This is correct, i'm not active on it as much as i MIGHT should, but it's just not where i put all my resources right now, most of the things are mainly focused on my twitch channel. I have been thinking for quite a while now to make some content for my youtube channel at the most once every week and/or weekend. There is just one problem, i'm all out of creative ideas for it and if anyone got suggestions to what i should upload and what content i should focus on that would be a great input.


I got some ideas out there already i just wanna see if i can receive any ideas better than mine. Should you be a creative soul with a splendid mind and extraordinary ideas don't be afraid to throw them my way! But this is post is mostly about clearing up the fact that the focus on my YouTube channel at this rate is very low. So if you haven't seen a video being uploaded for a long time, than you know why. Still a bunch of great videos there from the past so do not be afraid to check them out!

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