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My first ever 24 hour stream will be held Monday 1st of may. This will be my first 24 stream ever performed and i´ll be playing games as Elder Scrolls: Online & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Other games may or may not also be played we´ll see. 

I really hope to see a lot of you showing up for this as it would mean a lot to me, i appreciate all the support but also have full understanding if there are some people who can´t drop in or will miss this stream.

Please take notice that the date for the stream MAY or MAY NOT change.

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Today will be my first stream in months! Make sure to mark 18:00 CET and put some time off to come join me when i start up 2017s first stream with Battlefield 1. It's gonna be great to get back into the normal routine of streaming awesome content for you guys and i hope you're all just as excited as i am. Hope to see many old and many new faces turn up today, let's make this an awesome stream! 


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Category: Livestream | Views: 125 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 26 October 2016

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