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I hope you all have had a great weekend so far! Some news to bring to you all. I'm currently working on a Stream Schedule but i'm not 100% sure when it will be done and when it will be published. I will keep you guys updated on Facebook, twitter and also release it here on the website when it's done. A lot of things must go in planing in order for things not to crash with the schedule at all. Of course sometimes things will pop up unexpected and it would be hard for it not to crash with the stream at all! I will still developed and work on a great streaming schedule that should work 95%.


If you guys want specific games to go into some of the scheduled streams just let me know. I'm not even sure how many days a week it will be but i'm hoping for a minimum of twice a week, maybe three, I'll come back to that whenever the schedule is done and written. In the meantime i still wanna thank you all for being understandable with my recent and long absence and i appreciate the support from everyone. Have a great Sunday guys and i'll update everyone as soon as possible!

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Hello people! I hope everyone is ready for a great weekend, at least i am. I'm reaching out to you guys because i'm a very open person when it comes to receive suggestions based on many topics. I want simple and clear ideas on what type of games i should play on my console whenever i got the time to stream, also what console? I got the Xbox one and Playstation 4. So there are a bunch of games to choose from, also we must see from a point of view if i already got the game or not, or if not, if i can afford it. I love taking suggestions and i plan on answering every single one of them. Throw them out there to me and i'll look into them!


If you want to send me your suggestion(s), simply email me it through the menu bar here on the website called "suggestions" or you could also leave a comment in the bottom of this entry, i will answer you within 24 hours either way where it's suggested, but this time i'm limiting it to be suggested somehow through this website! Maybe next time i'll open it more up to be on social media also. Send me your ideas guys on what games, what console and we'll figure this all out together as a team and as equal people. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Thanks!

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