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Great news to share with the community tonight! I've officially opened a Community Forum on the website today that will allow my viewers, fans and any others to take part in a community with a lot of different ways to communicate and discuss different subjects regarding different things and also general things. Also i have enabled a user's registration feature which allows everyone and anyone to register to the website, make an account which also will be required in order to communicate and write in the forum itself.


I hope everyone takes great happiness in this website's newly added feature and for any questions do not be afraid to email me, also the user feature allows you to private message me through the website. If you see my name anywhere just click it, and my profile will appear in a pop up box, and than you'll be able to send me a private message. I will receive an email notification about this and will be able to respond as quick as i receive such an email.


Hope you guys like it and gave you all a great boost and start for the weekend, take care!

Category: Website Updates | Views: 136 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 27 August 2016 | Comments (0)


Many people by now might be thinking the thought that my YouTube channel is completely dead, since it's not a platform i'm extremely active from at this point. This is correct, i'm not active on it as much as i MIGHT should, but it's just not where i put all my resources right now, most of the things are mainly focused on my twitch channel. I have been thinking for quite a while now to make some content for my youtube channel at the most once every week and/or weekend. There is just one problem, i'm all out of creative ideas for it and if anyone got suggestions to what i should upload and what content i should focus on that would be a great input.


I got some ideas out there already i just wanna see if i can receive any ideas better than mine. Should you be a creative soul with a splendid mind and extraordinary ideas don't be afraid to throw them my way! But this is post is mostly about clearing up the fact that the focus on my YouTube channel at this rate is very low. So if you haven't seen a video being uploaded for a long time, than you know why. Still a bunch of great videos there from the past so do not be afraid to check them out!

Category: News | Views: 168 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 20 August 2016 | Comments (0)


Hello people! I hope everyone is ready for a great weekend, at least i am. I'm reaching out to you guys because i'm a very open person when it comes to receive suggestions based on many topics. I want simple and clear ideas on what type of games i should play on my console whenever i got the time to stream, also what console? I got the Xbox one and Playstation 4. So there are a bunch of games to choose from, also we must see from a point of view if i already got the game or not, or if not, if i can afford it. I love taking suggestions and i plan on answering every single one of them. Throw them out there to me and i'll look into them!


If you want to send me your suggestion(s), simply email me it through the menu bar here on the website called "suggestions" or you could also leave a comment in the bottom of this entry, i will answer you within 24 hours either way where it's suggested, but this time i'm limiting it to be suggested somehow through this website! Maybe next time i'll open it more up to be on social media also. Send me your ideas guys on what games, what console and we'll figure this all out together as a team and as equal people. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Thanks!

Category: Gaming | Views: 154 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 11 August 2016 | Comments (0)

I've had a couple of websites relating to Norway_Legend so far. But at this point i'm certain that this is the best one so far. I'm very proud to introduce to you all a complete new website with a .com domain! This website will constantly be in development because i'm sure there are plenty of things i can add to this website to make it better. In the coming days i will create a page on the website and let you all email me your suggestions to improvements you think i should make to the website.


I'm proud of have done this all by myself, and i really hope everyone out there will like it. It's gonna be filled with information about me, about the stream team i'm in, the volume and a bunch of more awesome things. The home page of the website will be filled with updates, news and everything related to me and my gaming. I hope you all enjoy because i'm proud of this website. So far there are a few things i already are going to improve and/or change on the website, things you all might be suggesting in the process - that's fine! I want YOUR INPUT.


Thank you all for your support throughout the years, it means a lot, its time to give back, this is one way to give back, bringing quality website with useful but also fun information.

Category: Announcements | Views: 103 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 07 August 2016

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