The Volume

"The volume is a stream team with the most entertaining streamers with amazing goals."


  Name: The Volume.

  Owner: BeatboxRS.

  Number of members: 27.

  Nationalities: From all over the world.

  Goals: Entertain anyone who is watching. Help each other to reach a bigger

  audience unconditionally. Be an actual team, not just a bunch of great


  Link to twitch page:

  Link to twitter page:



From this point on we will accept applications!


  1. A decent following/own little community, the point is to help each other out and with 1 viewer consecutively you are not going to help other team members out.
  2. Make sure people in the team already know who you are before applying, the fact that just one streamer knows you is not going to cut it.
  3. Be interactive.
  4. And last of all have a cam.

If you are interested in joining the team then please fill in this application form.

More information
Gaming Platform Accounts
  • PSN: Norway_Legend
  • Xbox Live: NorwayLegend93
  • Steam: Norway_Legend
  • EA Account: Norway_Legend
  • Ubisoft Account: Norway_Legend
  • Discord Name: Norway_Legend
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