Stream Schedule

An official streaming Schedule is found below in a very informative tablet. Check it out and do not be afraid to contact me if you wish something changed or added, i'm always open to new ideas! The areas that are green means the stream has been finished and the next one in the list with a white box in it is scheduled to be streamed at the given time. Red shows days where i don't stream at all, no exceptions. Orange shows cancelled streams.


Day Time (Timezone: CET) Stream Duration Game
 Monday  17:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  
 Tuesday  17:00 CET  4 Hours (Duration May change)  
 Wednesday  10:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  
 Thursday  10:00 CET  3 Hours (Duration may change)  
 Sunday  20:00 CET  5 Hours (Duration may change)  Followers Decide (Twitter Poll)



 Done          Not Done       Day Off        Cancelled


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Gaming Platform Accounts
  • PSN: Norway_Legend
  • Xbox Live: NorwayLegend93
  • Steam: Norway_Legend
  • EA Account: Norway_Legend
  • Ubisoft Account: Norway_Legend
  • Discord Name: Norway_Legend
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