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Chris-Erik Fotland (Norway_Legend) was born on 28th of November 1993 in a small town south of Norway. As many children of that era he grew up with divorced parents and continuously traveled between two homes. Growing up he lived most of his young childhood with his mom, being with his dad in the weekends. As he grew up older his interest for video games evolved together with graphic design. Since than he's been constantly trying to find a way to combine these two things together - Gaming and graphic design. In 2014 he created a twitch channel at twitch.tv and that's when things really started to go hand-in-hand. Streaming the games he loves for an audience showing off his well created images to go with it. He could finally entertain people from all over the world with his smile, his humor and his constant random smack talking. He had finally found something he really burned for.

Over the year he's gained a small community within Minecraft and keeps loyal viewers close to him. Even though his follower count and views are low, he still does what he loves and doesn't look at follower counts as a number but more like an achievement to the fact that people love what he's doing and how he is as a person. In early 2015 he was accepted into a stream team run by a Netherlands streamer by the name of BeatboxRS. Being accepted into the volume stream team on twitch had it's few advantages but the main focus for Chris-Erik was being able to stick close to a community that shared the same passion as him - making great content and entertaining everyone around the world. The team consists of awesome people from all around the world that streams in all different timezones. Chris-Erik will always keep doing what he loves, till the very end of his life. "Never stop following your dream" Chris-Erik says "with enough work you'll get there, believe in yourself!"

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  • PSN: Norway_Legend
  • Xbox Live: NorwayLegend93
  • Steam: Norway_Legend
  • EA Account: Norway_Legend
  • Ubisoft Account: Norway_Legend
  • Discord Name: Norway_Legend
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Phone: Not listed Email: norwaylegend93@gmail.com