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Category: Livestream | Views: 161 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 17 April 2017 | Comments (0)

My first ever 24 hour stream will be held Monday 1st of may. This will be my first 24 stream ever performed and i´ll be playing games as Elder Scrolls: Online & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Other games may or may not also be played we´ll see. 

I really hope to see a lot of you showing up for this as it would mean a lot to me, i appreciate all the support but also have full understanding if there are some people who can´t drop in or will miss this stream.

Please take notice that the date for the stream MAY or MAY NOT change.

Category: Livestream | Views: 115 | Written by: Norway_Legend | Date: 12 April 2017 | Comments (0)


I'm finally back again guys! I've been away for a month due to some job related things, i'm now able to stream during the weeks, but i will still not be able to during weekends, i'll be away than because of work. I'm really looking forward to be back to old habits with streaming awesome content for you guys and i really hope you all will enjoy it.


I've also released an updated Stream Schedule on the website for you all to look at, it's listed with the games i'm streaming this week, including the time and duration. Thank you all also for the continuing support and i'm really looking forward to see you all in the future streams.

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